About us

A dream made reality

My name is Arjen de Boer, Born 02-05-1964, Loenen aan de Vecht, The Netherlands.

Throughout my life i’ve been working as a mechanic and teacher for vehicle engineering in The Netherlands.

At the side i have always been a very fanatic international fisherman and done alot of competitive fishing.

For years i’ve been dreaming about leaving my daytime job as highschool teacher and getting out in the world to become a fishing guide, until i finally decided to just go for it.

I have founded ‘The Fishing Dutchman’ in the beautiful city of Kralendijk, Bonaire. Where i am hosting guided fishing trips that are completely accustomed to the client’s wishes, that’s what makes it fun for the entire family. 

For those who do not desire to go out fishing, but to want to see Bonaire from the beautiful caribbean sea perspective, i can also guide you around in a nice, personal and all in experience.

Are you ready for some adventure?

Arjen de Boer

The Fishing Dutchman